Thankful for Technology

Yes, I have a website.  But I have not been posting as a priority.  It doesn’t come naturally.  This Baby Boomer has been a foreigner to technology; then a visitor. However, this week, I decided to emigrate to Techland.  I have arrived mentally. Too many ships are passing in the night.  I need to get on board.

But I fear becoming an addict;  on it all day.  It’s a definite draw.  When I’m on the technology I don’t need to look inside, connect with the whole person I’m in tech with, or be seen.   There’s something missing.

However, I’ve decided to focus more fully on the benefits.  Like Lyft and Uber.  My first experience was mind altering.  Pushed button. ‘Richard will be there in two minutes.’  Go.  Arrive. Click. Pay. Done.  Hmmm.  Somebody gets it with technology.

So here’s the plan.  Use what is good for you.  Face your fears and learn new skills and tips.  Don’t complain.  Get help.  Sounds a bit like recovery, indeed.  It’s time to grow.

Hospitality Books

On Monday, June 23, 2014, I’ll be teaching a class on hospitality at a parent room for VBS/Vacation Bible School.  Here are some books that are a great support if you want to develop your hospitality at home and enjoy the subject itself!

  • The Table Experience by Devi Titus 
  • The Home Experience by Devi Titus                                                  Go to CATEGORIES  on the right.  Click on Devi Titus.  Scroll to book of choice.  The Home Experience is also in DVD form there.
  • Dinner is Served by Arthur Inch & Arlene Hirst                  Type Dinner is Served into the SEARCH box.
  • The Surprising Power of Family Meals  By Miriam Weinstein
  • Come to our Table Edited by Anita Lustrea and Melinda Schmidt with Lori Neff
  • Below, I added Beth Moore’s teaching for two reasons:  it is EXCELLENT regarding the table’s sanctity and joy AND there’s a book recommended which sounds great: Table Life – Savoring the Hospitality of Jesus in Your Home. (Amazon).