Walk Which Way?

Whether Purposeful Walking, Free Walking, Meditative Walking, Prayer Walking, Fast Walking, Carefree or Careful Walking, or Combo Walking, I am an Urban Walker and I walk a lot.  Want to join me? Which way do you want to walk?  Here are some mindful categories to get you started or upgrade your walking style.  Exercise becomes a lifestyle that just goes along with your walking-as-transportation goals.

Purposeful Walking:  The underlying purpose of walking is, for many, exercise.  In this post, Purposeful Walking is walking to accomplish a task substituting walking for metal, motored transportation.  Walking to Trader Joes, the dentist, a friend’s for an early dinner, the pool, work, in the place of driving or taking the bus is Purposeful Walking.    As you start out, this may feel brightly novel and life changing.  Keep it going and it will slowly expand and become a healthy, economical and ecologically sound lifestyle.

Free Walking:  Need a break? Want to avoid eating?  Bogged down?  Need a clear head, refreshment, or mental and environmental freedom? Just walk, let your thoughts wander, laugh, stretch and return to finish what else you need to do.

Meditative Walking:  A good example of this is walking home from church and reflecting on the sermon.  I can do that now.  When I began walking home from church, my thoughts would buzz and hop from one synapse to another.  I would try numerous times to bring it back to the sermon and fail.  Now, I can reflect longer.  That took years.  FYI, I don’t walk the 3.5 ish miles home from church every Sunday: maybe once every six weeks.  But, with that and all the other walking I do, my mind is now calm enough to keep it on a topic.

Meditative Walking also includes memory work:  a scripture, a poem, a communication that I need to plan for are things that I meditate on during these walks.

Prayer Walking:  Obvious, but how?  I walk and pray for the people I see, family members, issues in my life and the lives of others.

Fast Walking:  Again, obvious.  Yet, here.  Sometimes I leave a few minutes later than I should to get somewhere so that I’ll have to walk faster to be on time.  Good for waking up, exercising, or competing with yourself to put a bit of novelty in the walk.

Carefree Walking:  This in similar to Free Walking, but you aren’t escaping.  You have no cares (for a moment 🙂 and walk to enjoy creation, people, buildings, your town.  Expand your thankful, grateful thoughts and heartfelt appreciation for… ?

Careful walking:  Watch where you are going, what is around you, beneath you et al.  This is important to include in every walk.

Combo Walking:  Mix and match.  Fast Walking with Prayer Walking.  Prayer Walking with Meditative Walking.  For example, as I meditate on a scripture, I may think of someone it reminds me of or see an area in my life that needs prayer, so I pray for that person or my need.

Walking, as you see, is more than exercise.  It’s a state of mind.

Isaiah 52:7

How beautiful on the mountainare the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, “Your God reigns!”